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Family Constellations Workshop FAQs

Q: What is a Family Constellations Workshop?

A: A Family Constellations Workshop is a practice of self-care, a process of individual discovery that happens in a group setting. These workshops can open us to exploring the possibility of forgiveness for others and for ourselves. They can strengthen relationships and build self-worth. Family Constellations workshops allow us to gain insight into how we have been affected by abandonment, shame or betrayal. In a safe environment and under the guidance of a skilled facilitator, participants can unburden themselves of past or present hurts and bring harmony to themselves and their relationships.

Q: Who might benefit from a Family Constellations Workshop?


  • Persons struggling with health problems, depression or anxiety; those in chronic "survival mode,” painful relationship patterns, or experiencing career struggles

  • Couples wanting to create a healthy and satisfying relationship

  • Those seeking to deal positively with the severe illness or death of a family member

  • Professionals (including physicians, therapists, body workers, religious leaders and spiritually-based healers) wanting to enrich their practices with new insights about health and human behavior

  • All those wanting more love, freedom, and clarity in their lives and relationships

  • Organizations seeking to resolve to hidden dynamics or to assess the structure of the organization

Q: Is there anything I need to know before attending a Family Constellations Workshop?

A: The information about our families which is held in our bodies and the depth at which this information influences our lives are almost indescribable. We recommend taking the intensity of the work into consideration when deciding to pursue this healing approach. Allowing time after a workshop or individual session for both rest and absorption of the experience is a good practice. A Family Constellations Workshop is an exploratory endeavor, and there is no right or wrong way to participate.

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