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Family Constellation
Facilitator Training 

Training places emphasis on experiential learning that will include:

  • Learning theory

  • The Orders of Love

  • Working Phenomenologically in the Informing Field

  • The Orders of Helping

  • Sentences that Honor, Empower and Release

  • Personal Work

  • Essentials of Representing

  • Family Bonds and Conscience

  • Developing Body-Centered Skills

  • The Structure of Family Constellations

  • Practice Facilitation

  • The Elements of Forgiveness


Participants will also learn how to work with individuals using Figures, Feelings and Virtues, and other tools that can be implemented in place of a group constellation.

Training sessions include a four hour Family Constellation workshop, followed by lunch, and three hours of in-depth training.

Cost: $625.00 for each five (5) workshop semester, contact Dan Gates for more information.

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