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Praying Hands

Communities of Faith

What do Family Constellations Workshops have to offer Communities of Faith?

Like other organizations today, Communities of Faith face such challenges as:

  • The world-wide pandemic

  • Uncertainties and fears about the future

  • Resistance to change

  • Nostalgia for how things used to be

  • Dealing with issues of abandonment, shame and betrayal in the community

  • Skeletons in the communal closet, past problems that linger

  • Financial concerns

What can you expect from Family Constellations Workshops?

  • These workshops establish a safe and respectful environment where confidentiality and privacy are required and respected.

  • They provide an opportunity for the assessment of present or past problems and for the discovery of hidden dynamics in the larger system.

  • They enhance relationships, build community, and foster inclusion.

How do Family Constellations Workshops work?

With the help of the facilitator, members of the community, leadership team, vestry, etc., identify a problem that is affecting the community. All members are encouraged to share their thoughts, insights, and solutions.

Using the Family Constellations approach developed by Bert Hellinger, workshop attendees are chosen to represent aspects of the problem and are positioned in relationship to each other in the meeting space. An unfolding process begins where losses, grief, issues, and previously unseen connections are revealed and honored. As the representatives report their physical sensations, emotions, and thoughts related to the problem, with the guidance of the facilitator, a resolution emerges that can bring increased harmony and balance to the community.

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