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Three Horses

Family Constellations with Horses

Experience the Family Constellation with Horses...

  • Individual discovery through the Family Constellations workshop.

  • Opening to the healing energy of all animals.

  • Observe the wisdom of the horse and the herd.

  • Recognize the horses ongoing communication with us all.

  • Experience the beauty and peace of a farm and its animals.

What can you expect from Family Constellation with Horses?

  • The horse and herd become part of the Family Constellation, providing insight and wisdom through movement and behavior.

  • No horse experience is necessary, all hands-on activity is from the ground, no horseback riding is involved.

  • These workshops establish a safe and respectful environment where confidentiality and privacy are required and respected.

  • They provide an opportunity for the assessment of present or past problems and for the discovery of hidden dynamics in the larger system.

  • They enhance relationships, build community, and foster inclusion.

  • They open us to the healing energy that unites us all - human and animal.

Meet Stacey vonRichthofen, your Horse Constellations Facilitator...

Stacey is a Reiki practitioner and life coach that has completed an extensive training program in Family Constellations with Dan Gates, LMFT.  Stacey has owned and operated Wake Robin Farm, a small equine facility in Burlington, Connecticut, for almost 30 years and has been connecting with horses since she was a child.  Wake Robin Farm is home to many farm rescues through the years, and today the horses live with donkeys, chickens, ducks, cats and a dog.  The animals on Wake Robin Farm have been a great source of joy and comfort, and the farm a place of wonderful serenity.  Stacey welcomes you to experience this too.

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