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Family Constellations

A Process of Moving Towards Peace & Acceptance


What are Family Constellations?

A Family Constellations Workshop is a practice of self-care, a process of individual discovery that happens in a group setting. These workshops can open us to exploring the possibility of forgiveness for others and for ourselves. They can strengthen relationships and build self-worth. Family Constellations workshops allow us to gain insight into how we have been affected by abandonment, shame or betrayal. In a safe environment and under the guidance of a skilled facilitator, participants can unburden themselves of past or present hurts and bring harmony to themselves and their relationships.

How Does it Work?

Family Trauma

Our individual issues and struggles are often linked to larger family traumas. Family Constellations Workshops are a place where the root cause of problems can be identified, acknowledged, and released
with love.

Past Wounds

Family Constellations Workshops are a place where we can safely tell our stories, stories that we may have carried with us and reenacted throughout our lives. In a supported space, we can name what is hurting us. We can release, repair, or renew our relationships.

Family Relationships

Explore issues in your family of pro-creation, family of origin, family of choice, your family of ancestors.

Reshaping the Present

Forgiveness brings freedom. Discovering the ways in which the past has affected our present allows us to move forward into the future from a place of greater serenity.


Put an end to the negative patterns of thinking and acting that previous generations have passed down to you. These patterns can stop with you.

in Action

Research has shown that the practice of forgiveness can help to alleviate depression and to enhance hopefulness.

of Faith

Family Constellations Workshops build community, strengthen relationships of faith, and promote new and ongoing connections.


Attending a Family Constellations Workshop may offer you methodologies with which you can enrich your current practice.

Meet Dan

Meet Dan Gates

Family Constellation Facilitator
Licensed Psychotherapist

Dan completed his post-graduate training in Family Constellations in 2005. Since then, he has been conducting workshops for groups and individuals. He brings a steady spirit of enthusiasm and compassion his work. Dan believes deeply in the powers of transformation that the Family Constellations Workshops offer and is excited to share them.

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“I didn't know what to expect, but the experience left me feeling more compassionate towards myself and others.”

— Catherine T.



Family Constellations Workshops

Forgiveness is a practice. Delve into family and ancestral connections, exposing roadblocks to present, everyday happiness. These workshops provide the opportunity for true forgiveness on the deepest soul level.


Family Constellation 
Facilitator Training

Interested in learning the methodologies of Family Constellations Workshops? These trainings based on the methodology of Family Constellations developed by Bert Hellinger can  add workable  skills to your current work? Facilitator Training provides the tools necessary to run groups or private sessions. Please contact Dan for further information.


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